How-To | Cold Brew

How to Brew Incredible Cold Brew Coffee at Home.
Pre-Brew Instructions:
Boil coffeesock for 10 minutes in pan of water before first use.
See coffeesock packaging for further information.

Brewing Instructions:
1.  Pour water into jar to the 1500ml line on side of jar.
2.  Pour One cup of coarsely ground coffee into sock and shake loose coffee
     into bottom of sock.
3.  Hold sock open over jar opening and pour an additional 3/4 cup of
     water over grounds for pre-wet, let stand for one minute.
4.  Twist top of coffeesock loosely, feed through metal ring, lower into jar, top off the water, and place lid on jar.
5.  Place in refrigerator and let steep for 15-20hrs. I recommend 18 hours.
6.  After 18 hrs pull sock out of jar and squeeze lightly into jar.
7.  Dump grounds out of coffeesock into the trash (or compost) and rinse
8.  Drink delicious Nameless Coffee Co cold brew and give yourself a high five!

View Instructional Video to watch how easy these steps are at making Cold Brew in the refrigerator at home.