Tip | Grind Size

Grind Size

This is of utmost importance. The name of the game is extraction and consistent grind size is going to help you on the journey to perfect extraction. If you’re just getting into the specialty coffee world then you probably don’t want to spend $100-$500 on a personal grinder. Just make sure you buy a burr mill grinder to start, there are many lower end models that will work, just maybe not as consistently as the higher end.

If you’re going to invest in coffee, buy a high quality and consistent grinder for home use. If you’re buying our beans and would like them ground, we have you covered. But, grinding just before brewing gives you the freshest cup!

Amount of Grounds

When brewing specialty coffee weighing is essential, no more volume measurements. You can pick up a cheap digital kitchen scale just make sure it weighs in grams. You can change the extraction and flavor tremendously with the amount of grounds versus the amount of water that you use. But, if you are still measuring by volume, use 2 Tbl of ground coffee per 6 oz. of water. Man, this is fun!


When experimenting test one element at a time, such as grind size, amount of grounds, water temperature, amount of water, pre-wet amount,  time, and pouring method. Have fun!!