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Tolima, Columbia (DECAF)

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the taste of our decaf, carefully sourced from small farms in southern Colombia. We get it, decaf doesn't always have the best rep, but this blend is here to change that narrative! Capturing the essence of the local community, it unfolds a perfect blend of floral & caramel notes. Grounded in simplicity, the sugar cane ea decaffeination process preserves the true flavors of the region. More than just coffee, each cup shares a story of dedication, tradition, and an unwavering commitment to quality, inviting you to savor the authentic spirit of Colombian coffee culture.

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Cold Brew Coffee Pack
  • From $4.35

Cold Brew

4 oz. Tolima Sample Pack
  • $5.15

Colombia Single Origin - DECAF

12 oz. Tolima Coffee
  • $16.00

Colombia Single Origin - DECAF

5 lb. Tolima Coffee
  • $85.00

Colombia Single Origin - DECAF