Our Mission

Coffee farming, to be frank, often falls short of being a viable & sustainable career for most farmers. The combination of low prices, a rise in plant diseases, & the demanding workload makes it a challenging endeavor, especially when more lucrative opportunities are available nearby. This reality has led many of the younger generations in Guatemala to pursue alternative career paths or immigrate to the United States and Canada. Despite the magnitude of this issue, there exists a tangible solution to prevent this decline.
Empowering coffee farming to become a sustainable & prosperous career is the key to averting such setbacks. Collaborating with farmers to cultivate high-quality coffee not only enhances the value of their product but also mitigates plant vulnerability to diseases. Additionally, it contributes to environmental well-being. Most importantly, this approach redefines the narrative of coffee farming, offering farmers the opportunity to take pride in their profession and rekindle their generational investment.
Simply put, our mission here at Nameless Coffee Co. is to revolutionize the coffee industry through direct trade practices. We are committed to paying our farmers in Guatemala double the market rate, fostering sustainable partnerships, & ensuring their hard work directly benefits their communities.

How We're Incentivizing Quality, Nurturing Growth, & Paving the Way to Sustainability for Future Generations


We use the word "relationship" because that's truly what it is. Not only have we personally met our farmers, but we've also spent time with them—walking on their lands, sharing laughter, & witnessing the remarkable work of their hands. Ultimately, our connection is grounded in the shared commitment to each other's needs. Our farmers understand the desire of roasters for superior-tasting coffees, and, in turn, we acknowledge the farmers' aspiration for a thriving and lucrative coffee farming career. When we collaborate with these mutual goals in mind, everyone is a winner. It's this belief in a mutually beneficial relationship that drives our commitment.


Cupping Classes

Coffee cuppings create a platform that unites roasters & farmers over a shared appreciation for each other's contributions. When farmers have the opportunity to savor their own coffee, they gain a profound understanding of the value and quality of their labor. Exceptional work, from seed to cup, is evident in the flavors – a well-balanced & enjoyable experience. Conversely, if a cup falls short of expectations, it provides valuable feedback for improvement. This constructive input becomes instrumental in guiding farmers towards refining their methods. Over time, with dedicated effort, this iterative process positions them for success in producing superior coffees.



Our aim is to motivate farmers by emphasizing the importance of quality as a key driver for success. Ultimately, the success of a coffee farming career hinges on the quality of the product. To support farmers in achieving this, we are committed to their success in producing high-quality coffees. With this commitment, we've implemented incentives & established clear benchmarks for quality standards, including cupping scores, ripeness, plant health, separation practices, & more. This comprehensive approach ensures continuous improvement, resulting in enhanced coffee quality. This, in turn, opens up further opportunities for farmers to showcase their coffees at the doors of renowned specialty coffee roasters.


Transparent Pricing

Historically, as farmers improved their coffee quality, exporters & importers often reaped the financial rewards. To break away from this pattern, Yepocapa Coffee has established a maximum limit on our gains as an exporter/importer. This approach ensures that as farmers achieve success & progress, they are the ones who will enjoy the financial benefits of their hard work. By capping our own profits, we enable farmers to thrive without restrictions on their profitability. Furthermore, we transparently share these figures with both farmers & our roasting partners, fostering accountability in our relationships and ensuring that the benefits are equitably distributed.



Recognizing that success & sustainability hinge on the production of higher quality coffees, we channel a portion of our profits back into the community through two impactful avenues. We contribute to a local school in their community & reinvest in the cooperative by acquiring raised drying beds, a more compact micro-lot wet mill facility, & other enhancements that contribute to the excellence of their coffee.



We vow to compensate our farmers at a rate double that of the commodity market. As our farmers dedicate themselves to enhancing the quality of their beans, this price is subject to increase—a direct correlation to their diligent efforts. This incentive not only motivates hard work but also ensures a direct return linked to their commitment. It fulfills a shared aspiration: the pride in their work and the capacity to provide for their families. Consequently, the more coffee we sell, the greater the earnings for our farmers. Join our mission today & choose Nameless.

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